This boy has black, messy hair, and a long braid starting from the back of his head, the end of it almost touching his ankles. If he let his hair loose, it'd be wavy. His ears are long and pointy, providing him with a good hearing. His eyes are a glowing red, with a slit pupil. In the dark his eyes glow, in an eerie shade of red. Also he can see very good in the dark.
His clothes are mostly that of leather. A simple leather vest, and leather pants. He doesn't really care about using shoes, unless it's cold and his feet start to freeze.
Raimundo also has big wings on his back. They're a darkish red brown, and they can be folded to a small size, or willed to disappear. Though Raimundo prefers to rip them out most of the time, even if it hurts like a bitch. They do grow back later on, when he feels like needing them.
He's got scars on his body. His arms, legs, stomach, back and face. Biggest and worst scar is a burn mark, in a shape of a cross on his back, which almost killed him.

He has a short temper. He might be happy and calm one minute, and yell and rip you into pieces in the next. He is a messy eater, ripping his victims open, sucking up blood, eating their eyes, liver and heart. And this eating habit of him, leaves him bloody. He doesn't mind though.
When he gets sad, he sulks. Goes sit in a corner, or a small place somewhere.. he might even climb up somewhere high and sit there for hours, just staring into nothing. He doesn't like crying. He thinks it's annoying, and a sign of weakness.
Raimundo's utterly curious. Being left alone when his parents died he kinda missed out on things. This makes him oblivious to some stuff.
When he falls in love he is very jealous of his mate, not liking it if anyone looks at his mate "the wrong way".

Rai was born outside a small village years and years ago. His parents tried to raise him into a "good citizen", but being what he was, it wasn't easy. Still he loved his parents very much. Especially his mother, even if she was a vampire. He didn't hate his father, even though he sometimes might have acted like that.
When Rai was about 12 in human years, he was introduced to his mate-to-be. His father had arranged a marriage with a young crusnik fellow, who was a few years older than Raimundo. Rai of course didn't like the idea, stated his mind, only to have his father get angry at him. His parents had a quarrel of this, especially the fact that his father had hit him yet again, even if his mother had told him not to do it. Because all the yelling, Rai left home. He walked around the forest for a long time, and when night started to fall he returned home, only to find his parents killed. He spent weeks at home, crying and starving before his natural instinct took over and he went in search of food.
Winters were spent in a hibernating state, or more like sleeping, in a small, secure corner, where he could be left alone. When he was about 16, and he was feeding on a human woman, a priest attacked him and burned his back with a cross, in an attempt to kill him. During this time, something snapped and he got addicted to pain and the thrill of killing someone. This was the crucial time, which made him what he is now.
When he was 19 he got into the town of Fervent and he has lived there ever since, in the parts of Kuroi.

Skills He can fly, thanks to his wings. His wounds heal from the time of few minutes to a week, depending on the severity of the wounds. He also can make illusions, but those illusions are just used so he can escape danger.


He's a huge demon, who's lived for many years. His hair is long and black in color. His eyes are white and eerie looking. He's got long, strong legs, that easily carry his heavy built body from place to place. He's got big paws with strong claws, that can rip you apart easily. Even his fingers are equipped with sharp claws, that can be pulled in when needed. His tail is strong, and is able to hold up stuff. And sometimes it appears as its got a mind of its own...
His ears are fluffy, sticking out from amongst his black hair. He's covered in blue-ish fur.
His clothing is made of a white sleeveless cloak, with a big hood, that's often pulled up to cover his head and face. Around his waist is a brown loincloth, made of animal hind, that because he has problems in finding fitting clothes that would not rip when he uses them. Other things that can be seen on him is different jewelry or pendants.
He also have a few tattoos.

He's one of those who wants to be alone, to dwell this world in peace. He doesn't make much noise of himself, nor try to reach out for people. It's not that he'd not want to, but it's just that he doesn't want to be a nuisance for others. And he also thinks that it's so difficult to socialize or have relationships, as they're so complicated.
It's not easy to get this silent and serious man to laugh or smile, but you might see a sneer on his lips, as he says something rude to the person who's happy and smiling. He's also quite pessimistic, not believing in fairytale endings, nor eternal happiness.. He's quite a spoilsport...
When he really looses his temper, he does not yell but rather he uses his fists. But he does regret what he's done afterwards, not that he regrets his deeds, rather that he lost his self control. To loose his self control, is one of the things he hates the most, and that's why he tries to remain calm and keep his feelings at bay. Sometimes way too much and misunderstandings tend to happen, but does he care? No. It's not his problem, and if he wants someone to know what he really means, he'll tell you with or without a mallet.
Though he stays mostly by himself, he does not mind if someone comes up to him for a small chat or anything, but he's still skeptic. Which is understandable, as you never know what this other part my want. Especially when you've got such a gift as he has..
When he drinks, or is high, he's like a completely different person. He becomes slightly unsure, giggly and happy -though not that staple- and maybe a bit shy. But the next day / later he never admits anything. And if anyone tries to tell him, he just lights up a smoke and disappears into the shadows.
Though all this, he's not an antisocial being, he's just socially lazy.

Gabriel lived most of his childhood in a monastery that's located in Gevauda. He got adopted by a monk named Lug, who had joined the monastery at the age of 16, and that he later was the head-monk of the Couvent fleur blanche (Monastery of the White Flower). Lug died at the age of 49, four years before the Revolution of France.
When Lug died 1785, Gabriel left the monastery and started to wander around without a destination. 1789 when the revolution came, Gabriel didn't like it at first, as he had lived in the monastery for 8 years, writing bibles and praying to God. But as he was so young his views changed and he became an atheist. Years went by and things changed, as did he.
Later on he fell in love with a noble mans oldest daughter Melissa, but as there were some sort of complications and misunderstandings he married Melissa's younger sister Camille. It was a runaway marriage. They settled down in Marseil where Gabriel started his writer carer. During their marriage, Gabriel noticed how he started to know or sensing stuff before hand. This he assumed had something to do with the fact that he was a demon, and he tried to keep this all to himself, which he noticed was difficult as he once thought, that he had heard his wife's thoughts about an other man.. After 15 years, the couple decided it was time for a child. Or rather Camille decided, Gabriel was against it, as he had seen a vision where Camille was lying dead somewhere, covered in blood. He did speak about this with his wife, but he didn't tell it to her as a vision, more like a dream. She comforted him and calmed him down, and finally he gave up. She became pregnant. The first weeks went well, but then something happened. Gabriel and Camille had a fight, she went for an abortion and died, with their baby...
He tried suicide many times but he just wouldn't die. Pain he did feel, but everything else would just heal. So he started to wander again 1810, after he had published his last book The Last Touch. During his time as a nomad yet again, he tried to get his life on tracks again, and to control his new "powers". But it was difficult, as all the books he found of the topic, was pure rubbish. One evening when he was strolling a round somewhere he met a weird old man, that knew why he was a wanderer, why he was sad and what kind of gift this demon had. Which was odd to Gabriel, as he had never seen this (apparently blind) man before, but as this old man promised to teach Gabriel about his powers he followed, his new master.
Some years he lived with his master, but due to certain events he got lost and after searching for his master for a week, he gave up. After strolling around and seeing a vision of himself in Fervent, he decided to get to this City. As his vision promised him, that something interesting would happen to him there.

He has the gift to foretell one's future, or give a way lottery numbers etc... and he can also read ones emotions and memories trough touch, and hear thoughts. That's why he constantly smokes (as it quiets down the voices), drinks heavily or takes drugs..

Other facts
Gabriel can't die, no matter what. You tear of his limbs, they grow back.. He's many times tried to kill himself (hence the scar around his neck that came from an attempt of hanging himself), but it never works..
He also speaks fluently six (6) languages: Latin, French, English, German, Spanish and ancient-greece.
He's written two books; A Demon from heaven and The Last Touch that the critiques didn't like one bit..
He's straight! Believe it or not. He's had a wife, and he swore, to never get married again and.. look what happened..
He has believed in God, though he says he's lost faith, he still prays when he feels like it.. He's a vegetarian, pacifist and... he hates blood (gets sick and faints)..

She's the lady of the house. With red hued brown hair, that curls slightly at the ends. She has white eyes just like her father Gabriel, and wings like her father Raimundo. She also has those fuzzcovered ears, just like Gabriel, but she does not have fur like he does. Just on her hands, making it look like she's got glows on.
She uses pretty avrege clothes. Jeans, t-shirts, hoodies... what just comes to her mind, or what might look good.

Like her father Raimundo, Rouge can be stubborn and childish, especially when it comes to her brother, who she loves to tease and get into trouble. She does love her big brother, but being a little sister, it's just natural for her to get on his nerves. Usually she's in a good mood, but ocassionally she likes to bully others, and knowing Raimundo and his humor, it's no wonder if Rouge has gotten some treats of this.
When she's sad she gets angry and bad tempered, snapping at people. She also hates to cry, but if she happens to shed tears, she'll make sure no one sees.
Rouge is almost like his father Raimundo, but she has inherited the calmness from her other father Gabriel, as well as the witts to act when others are in a state of panic. She would calmly evaluate the situation and make decisions according to that. Sadly though, sometimes she uses her skills to hurt people, even though she doesn't mean to. She just wants to give a small scare...

Rouge is the youngest child, by five minutes, of Raimundo and Gabriel. She's lived half her life in Vemsä, Fervent. She's always been a sneaky and clever little lady, who made pranks on the neighborhood and her brother.
Family's very important to her, and now that Raimundo's gone, she feels responsible to take good care of her family. ..but she still have those Raimundo-ish treats that can make it a bit difficult.

She can fly, and make her wings to appear and disappear at will (she does not rip them out like Raimundo does though). Wounds heal easily, no matter what they are. And she can be killed like her father Gabriel.
She also has the gift to see the future, and she also, can't control it. When she's had a vision, she'll feel dizzy, also being in a bad mood like Raimundo usually is...


Ragdoll has messy curls, with a shorter part on top of his head. His eyes are red and slinted. He's got two sets of sharp teeth, making him one to have a blood diet. His ears are covered with fuzz, but their size is closer to that of Raimundo's, which makes him have a good hearing. He's got strong legs, with sharp claws at the end of his toes.
He's quite strongly built, which he shows off with wearing only trousers. As he doesn't really need to use that much clothes anyway with the blueish fur he has covering him, just like Gabriel has. He's got a scar on his forehead, under his left eye, his arms and his left side.

He looks very angry and dangerous. But he is actually pretty gentle. He can be a bit snappy at his little sister, but he still loves her very much. Being a big brother he's protective of her, hence the scars he's gotten. Outside their home, he's a quiet person. Looking a bit shy. But he's actually a very bright and social kid.
He's not afraid to show his feelings, so he might cry infront of people if so be it. When he's angry he might hit you, but he's quick to apologize.

The oldest of the twins, he was quite the airhead when he was little. But as he grew up, he actually showed witts. He and his sister were often in trouble, as his sister's quite the troublemaker, and often it's he who takes the blame.
Now that Raimundo's gone, he tries to take care of his sister, who in return tries to take care of the whole family.

He's a strong young man. He heals easily, from few minutes to a few days.
He doesn't have the skills to see the future, but he can hear your thoughts if he consentrates enough. He's slowly figuring out how to control this skill..
Tainted Love