The town they live in is called Fervent, it's a big town with its population growing each day, regarding all the deaths happening on the streets or missing people. Fervent is divided into five parts. These sections are called: Downtown, Kuroi, Aurelia, Vemsä and Ansa.
All areas have their own rulers, who make sure that all the non-human beings can live in peace. Worst is the leader of Kuroi, who's violent and dangerous. He'd rather have all humans disappear from Fervent and he'd love to have Fervent for himself. The other leaders are against this, though there are some who would like humans to not have as much freedom as they have right now...

as the name itself already tells you, is the midsection of Fervent. Schools and malls are placed there, and it's a quite calm area to live in, especially during the day. When the night falls it becomes a bit more restless, as all kinds of creatures start to roam the streets. That is why the security starts to patrol the streets at 6p.m. If you know how to use the alleys and small hidden streets, you have nothing to fear, and can walk around without the worry of being caught.
means black, or dark, and this name describes this area more than well. This part of the town is very dark. It's like the sun doesn't reach this part of town at all. When you step into this part of town, you feel watched, scared and vulnerable. A normal human isn't safe here, as you're on the lowest part of the food chain. The streets are bathed with blood regularly. Demons, ghosts, ghouls, vampires, werewolves, etc roam these streets in look for food.
In these parts, you're always playing with your own life. Though fights happen, no one stops them. It's a good thing thugs and demons kill each other isn't it?
is the posh set of Fervent, filled with beautiful buildings. Where ever you look, all you see is wealth and greatness. If you're loaded with money, it doesn't matter if you're a human or a creature of some kind. There's also a beautiful beach near Aurelia, and also an astonishing view over the vast sea. Security is strict on this area, as the rich people demand to feel safe..
is a middle class area, mostly used by families and loners. It's a calm and friendly neighborhood, where everyone feels at home. The security in this area isn't as hard as it is in the other areas, as they think it's unnecessary.
is in the outskirts of Fervent, and is mostly used by students, and others who can't afford more than a small apartment. This area looks kinda depressing, with it's buildings looking a bit shabby -paint falling off, the roads being cracked and in bad condition. The security doesn't even consider to patrol this area, so anyone can live here in peace, be it a human or a creature of some other kind.

Tainted Love is mostly played out Kuroi and Vemsä, but occasionally other parts are visited.
Tainted Love